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Chakra Healing Course




7 Months

About the Course

This course is aimed to inspire a practice of self-reflection, emotional integration and healing.

We will meet via zoom twice a month (on the full moon and New Moon) We will dive deeply into the world of our emotional and physical body and understand more clearly how to integrate its language.

Each month we will be concentrating on a specific Chakra. With the ample space of our monthly meetings and recording content we will have plenty of time for exploration, self-reflection and embodiment of each chakra wisdom.

This course is open to ANYONE wanting to learn more about this amazing blue print of the emotional body.

Meetings will take place at 1pm Hawaii time . Once the course is completed you will receive CEU from Yoga Alliance and a certificate of completion from Lanai Yoga

Dates of Zoom meetings

Full Moom & New Moom

Muladhara ~ June 3rd & 17th

Svadhisthana ~ July 3rd & 17th

Manipura ~ August 1st & 16th

Anahatha ~ August 30th & Sept 14th

Vishuddha ~ Sept. 29th & Oct. 14th

Ajna ~ Oct. 28th & Nov 13th

Sahasrara ~ Nov. 27th & Dec. 12th

Your Instructor

Renata Langner

Renata Langner

18 Years of experience in the filed of Mindfulness and Chakra System activation practices.

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