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Welcome to our brand new page!

The Equal Exchange Forum is a place for local residents of the Big Island (Puna District) and food growers to mobilize, organize and exchange their surplus. Creating a sustainable way of living that thrives in community.

Once upon a time we used to live in smaller communities and be an ally of one another with the help from many heads, hands and hearts. During that time the health of each individual was based on the health of the tribe and its environment. Our ambition was to provide a simple but abundantly healthy life to ourselves and our family while protecting and stewarding the land to be a better place for the future generations... 

Somewhere along the line we got lost... 

But some of us still hold this memory in our DNA and have the audacity to dream with te old ways in co-creation with the natural world and its creatures, despite all the distractions and convenience traps we may find in our way. 

If you can relate to these words then you are one of us!

WE want to hear from you and want to welcome you into our EQual Exchange Forum.

Here we will begin organizing our collective surplus crops as well as what we need and are in lack of. Supporting each other with monthly meetings and exchanges.

Below please find the application form to join our Vision in creating a beautiful and thriving community!

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We are always looking for new and exciting opportunity to get to know you better! Let's connect.

(516) 300-2221

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