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We are Renata and John... your hosts!

During Covid we headed the call to slow down our lives and become more immersed in Nature.

Since then, we fell called to Hawaii, bought a small house on the big Island and started

planting organic food gardens and fruit trees.

We Immediately wanted our precious abode to be shared with our community and friends around the world. Wanting to create a spot to utilize our combined 45 years in the healing arts, yoga, music and wellness.

We poured our hearts and hands into building a beautiful 700 sq.ft. covered Lanai (deck)

overlooking the gardens.


We are honored to share our humble sanctuary as a venue for our beloved friends,

teachers and artists to also offer their various amazing gifts.

 It is with gratitude and passion for sacred arts and the adventurous spirit that

Lanai Yoga is open for our community to enjoy and thrive!


"The heart never grows old and is eternally whispering...let's listen together. "

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